About ICE

As a consequence of urbanization phenomena, citizens started to consider the urban area as the center of their social and professional activities. Urban areas became larger and crowded, incorporating professional and entrepreneurial activities, and creating an environment in which citizens live, work, and move.

The ICT Center for City logistics and Enterprises (ICE) aims to promote research activities for the creation of ICT based solutions for the urban management, mainly focusing on the integration of industrial activities, and on the planning of smart systems for people and freight movement.

The research fields in which ICE operates include City LogisticsSmart CitiesSmart EnterpriseIndustry 4.0Lean Business Development and Lean Startup.

The objectives of ICE are:

  • to create a multidisciplinary environment in which different competencies can be merged;
  • to enforce the network of the different academics and researchers;
  • to foster the development of an industrial network for the applied research and the technology transfer toward Firms and Institutions, both public and private.

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